Prepaid SIM in Hong Kong

Getting a prepaid SIM was also very easy and straightforward in Hong Kong. After several researches, it seems that One2Free (CSL) offers the most affordable plans for data usage in Hong Kong.

They have the following data plans
Pass *
USSD Subscription through Handsets
30-Day Pass 5–300MB
$38/ 30 Days
30-Day Pass 5–1GB
$88/ 30 Days
Hourly Pass 6#
$8 / hour
Day Pass 7#
$28 / day
7-Day Pass 8#
$78 / 7-day
The starter pack costs HK$88 and you can easily purchase them at One2Free shops, e.g. at the airport.

Here are the links for the other operators:
PEOPLES (China Mobile - 2G only)
3 HK

Other useful links:

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