Google Maps: Hopeless Update

If you use Google Maps on your mobile device extensively and your device is running on Android 4.x, I would strongly advise you against updating to the latest version which is v7.x. Several versions ago, they disallowed starred locations from displaying custom names (you can modify the names using Google Bookmarks).

Now, they removed several other important features in version 7.0. Firstly, they hid the offline maps functionality. It appears as if they removed the feature, but it can actually be brought back to life by doing some tricks in it. Secondly, they removed another very vital feature that is the support of custom maps. Custom Maps are no longer accessible in the latest update. That means that there is no way you can save locations which use custom names for easy understanding. That also means version 7.0 is officially useless for planning a trip. Yes, you heard me. Version 7.0 is officially royally hopeless and useless for travels.

If you wish to make your mobile device more helpful in your travels, consider un-installing all updates on your phone (i.e. reverting back to oldest version that came pre-installed) or try installing the APK for version 6.14.4 found here.

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