Prepaid SIM in Taiwan

Prepaid SIM seems to be one of the most straight-forward in Taiwan. However, you have to note that you SHOULD purchase your prepaid SIM over in the airport as it will not be so straight-forward anywhere else. Upon landing in Taoyuan Airport, I headed to the counter where the network operators are selling the prepaid SIMs for tourists. To my surprise, all the operators are offering exactly the same packages and prices. The pricing structure was also very clearly spelt out in the posters.

As I was visiting Taiwan for only 3 days, I chose Taiwan Mobile's 3 day package for NT$300. It comes with 3 days of unlimited internet usage and another NT$100 of credit for calls/text. I later found out that the NT$100 credit was only sufficient for a 10 min local call. If you wish to purchase additional credits, you can do so at the convenience shops but reloading the credit in the prepaid SIM wasn't as straight-forward. You will probably be better off if you read the English instructions online. Also take note that your prepaid SIM has an expiry period of just 6 months from purchase or last reload.

Here are the instructions for reloading your prepaid SIM:
  • Scratch the below silver portion to find the 14-digit password.
  • To recharge,please dial 867(toll-free)from your prepaid card or dial,0935-120-867(on-net free)from PSTN or other mobile.
  • Follow the instructions and enter the 14-digit password. Confirm that the charging process was successfully completed. For example: Call 867 -> press 2 = Pre-paid card account balance
  • This pre-paid card can only be used once. Charging the pre-paid card automatically extends its expiry date by 6 months.
The guide that came with the prepaid SIM was pretty good, but it didn't include instructions for checking the balance or reloading credit to the prepaid SIM.

I'm not going to provide any links for this article as it was more straight-forward to go to the counters in the airport rather than reading up in advance from those online articles. In fact, I believe this article of mine is one of the most straight-forward ones already and equipped with photos.

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