Prepaid SIM for Singapore

I guess it would make sense for me to include a prepaid SIM guide for my home country to help out visitors to our sunny island. I will only focus on the prepaid SIM plans that have more affordable data access rates in this post. There are 3 network operators in Singapore. At a glance, it seems that SingTel has the most value-for-money data plans, but I'll list down the information for all 3 operators in this post anyway.

StarHub has starter packs that cost $8 and $15. They also have a starter pack that costs $50 and includes free internet usage, but this is only available for sale in Changi Airport. To access the self-help menu, simply dial *123*3#. From there, you can also subscribe to the data plans, which are priced as below:

Plans Data Price
3 Days 30MB $2
3 Days 200MB $4
7 Days 1GB $7
30 Days 600MB $15
30 Days 1.2GB $20

M1 has LTE-capable starter packs at $5 ($6 value) and $15 ($18 value). To subscribe to the data plans below, simply dial *100*7#.

Plans Price Data
7 Days $7 1GB
30 Days $12 300MB
30 Days $20 1GB
50 Days $30 3GB

SingTel has starter packs priced at $8, $15, $28 and $38. Only the $38 starter pack seems to be LTE-capable though. To activate the data plans below, simply dial *363.

Plans Price Data
1 Day $6 2GB
3 Days $15 6GB
7 Days $25 14GB
7 Days $1 10MB
7 Days $7 1GB
30 Days $10 200MB
30 Days $15 500MB
30 Days $20 1GB

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