Highlights of Venice

I'm going to do some backlogs and provide some recommendations for some of the cities I've visited in recent years. For a start, I shall begin with Venice since it is easier & shorter to write about compared to Rome or Paris. Hope these posts help as references for anybody who stumbled upon this blog.

Prepaid SIM in Malaysia

I thought it would be good to include some articles/guides/tips on prepaid SIM focusing on mobile internet usage in this blog, so here's the first of my posts. It's gonna be brief and focused mainly on my personal experience (especially internet usage) and some information found online.

In Malaysia, there are 4 main network operators:
1) HOT Prepaid (Maxis)
2) First and Xpax (Celcom)
3) DiGi
4) U Mobile (Coverage)

And there are also other smaller providers:
1) Yes (WiMax)
3) OneXOX (MVNO)
4) Tune Talk (MVNO)
5) TMgo
6) Friendi mobile (MVNO)
7) Buzzme (MVNO)

In terms of nationwide network coverage, I believe Maxis is possibly the best. However, if you are travelling mainly in city areas, it might be cheaper to go with DiGi or U Mobile.

So far, I've tried all the 4 main providers and I visit mainly Johor Bahru (JB), Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Penang. I've also relied on them for my tripts to Malacca, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. My favourite so far (and what I would recommend if your main usage is internet rather than calls/sms) would be U Mobile for reasonable coverage and best pricing for internet usage. I prefer using Hot (Maxis) for short weekend trips due to the lower cost of the starter pack.

For an overview of what Maxis/Celcom/DiGi provide, you can refer to this guide. In Malaysia, there are many internet plans that are for unlimited usage, but speed will be throttled after certain usage due to fair usage policy. However, the actual limit and speed after throttling may not be clearly spelt out in several cases.