Prepaid SIM in France

I had a pretty frustrating experience trying to get prepaid SIM for mobile internet in Paris, so I thought it might be good to share my experience and some tips over here. During my holiday in Paris, I've tried using Orange mobicarte (prepaid SIM) at first and got so frustrated with the activation process. Eventually, I ended up with Virgin Mobile. So, I shall focus my blog post on these 2 prepaid SIM providers in France.

Food in Seoul

I wasn't very adventurous with food over in Seoul mainly due to the language barrier. Menus in most restaurants are only in Korean and Koreans speak limited amount of English.

One of the quick and easy meals I had was in Lotteria, a fast food restaurant commonly found in South Korea.

Seoul (Jan 2013)

Over the short 1 week trip, I managed to visit several tourist spots in Seoul, especially over the weekend.

I went to the famed Dongdaemum wholesale markets which are open from late morning to around 5am. It was quite an eye-opener seeing so many malls and buyers with big baggages.

Experiences from Seoul

I went on a short work trip to Seoul just last week and managed to visit quite a number of the popular tourist destinations over the weekend. The temperature was around the range of -12 to 5 °C and I was pretty happy with my down jacket with warm pockets from Uniqlo.