Hong Kong [29th Apr to 30th Apr]

For the next 2 days, it's mainly food and shopping over in HK. We had a good breakfast at Macau Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui and were pretty happy with the pork chop bun.

Day 2 [28th Apr 2013]: Macau

We woke up really early on our second day in Hong Kong as we intended to go to Macau and spend more time over there. After a simple breakfast at a random HK cafe-restaurant, we headed to the bus stop to take a bus to the ferry terminal. Unfortunately, it was still early in the morning at around 8:15am while the bus that heads to the ferry terminal only starts operating at 9am+. So, we walked to one of the smaller lanes and hopped on to a taxi to go to the ferry terminal instead.

Hong Kong (Apr/May 2013)

Labour Day falls on a Wednesday, so I thought the entire week would be good for a holiday. I decided to use the entire week including the 2 weekends for a trip to Hong Kong. It surprises many people that I've never been to Hong Kong before and I'm also looking forward to the good food over there.