Prepaid SIM in China

Choosing a prepaid SIM card provider is rather straight-foward in China. That's because there is only one choice which is compatible for phones outside of China and that is China Unicom. The easiest way to get the SIM card is to purchase it in the airport. Otherwise, you have to try your luck finding it in random shops since they don't seem to be commonly available in convenience stores. Reload vouchers can be purchased in convenience stores though.

Do remember to clarify that bundled data for internet usage is included during the purchase though. One point to note is that the subscription plan (for bundled calls/SMS/data) is pro-rated, i.e. if you start on the 14th of the month, you pay for a fraction of the subscription fee from 14th to end of the month. That also means your bundled calls/SMS/data is also pro-rated. So, you do have to track your data usage very closely so as not to exceed the bundled data allowance. Also note that the self-help instructions via SMS are mostly in Chinese only, but it shouldn't be hard to access  the common instructions by following my guide below. The last point to note is that reload vouchers are strictly for use if the prepaid SIM card is purchased from the same state, i.e. you cannot use a reload voucher bought in Guangdong if the prepaid SIM card is purchased in Zhejiang.

Day 5 [19th Dec]: Chimelong Safari Park

For my last full day, I was panning to visit Chimelong Safari Park in the morning and then go to Baiyun mountain in the late afternoon. When I reached Chimelong Safari Park, I was enticed to purchase the combo ticket which includes Chimelong Crocodile Park at just ¥30 extra. That obviously means that I had to give up the plan of visiting Baiyun mountain.

Day 4 [18th Dec]: Chimelong Resort

It's finally a full day of clear skies, so I headed my way to Chimelong Paradise as planned. After travelling on the metro for almost an hour, I reached Chimelong Resort area and walked to Chimelong Paradise, which is less than 200m away from the metro station.

Day 3 [17th Dec]: Guangzhou

According to the weather forecast, the rain will stop somewhere in the afternoon. So, I planned my day such that I will be least affected by the rain. I started by visiting 中山纪念堂. While it was quite a good photo spot from the outside, I wasn't that excited about the visit inside. It's more of a photo gallery with story-telling.

Guangzhou Trip

Due to some issues with my cancelled AirAsia flight to Penang for Chinese New year, I ended up using the credit for a flight to Guangzhou instead. I was actually contemplating between many destinations, e.g. Thailand or Chengdu. Eventually, I decided upon Guangzhou as the weather was less cold compared to most other parts of China and transport in Bangkok may be slightly affected by the demonstrations.

My first leg of the flight was to fly from Singapore to KL with a 3 hour buffer to the next flight. Fortunately, I had a comfortable buffer otherwise the long immigration queues might have given me some problems. From KL, I flew to Guangzhou and reached at 8pm+. After exploring around the airport a little, I bought a prepaid SIM card for ¥100 and took the metro to the city. From 公园前地铁站, it was very easy to find my hotel after about 5 to 10 minutes of walk. In fact, I found the hotel before I was even seriously looking at the address. After checking in and settling down, I prepared my day pack for the next day before I took my rest.

Prepaid SIM for Singapore

I guess it would make sense for me to include a prepaid SIM guide for my home country to help out visitors to our sunny island. I will only focus on the prepaid SIM plans that have more affordable data access rates in this post. There are 3 network operators in Singapore. At a glance, it seems that SingTel has the most value-for-money data plans, but I'll list down the information for all 3 operators in this post anyway.