Favourite Food in France/Italy

Having eaten French/Italian food for 25 days, what are my favorites that really made an impact in my memories? In Paris, I really enjoyed French onion soup and duck confit. Duck confit is good in all the restaurants I've eaten in. Slight crispy skin and slightly salted meat, yum! And I've eaten duck confit probably 5 times or more during my trip. Heeeheee.


In Naples, I really enjoyed calzone alot. It's cripsy on the outside and has pizza toppings on the inside. I had the one with mozarella, ham and salami inside and it was fantastic.


In Venice, I really enjoyed cuttlefish with black ink sauce, whether as a fish course or with spaghetti. I've also enjoyed mussels and clams in Venice as well. Rome is a kinda mix of everything, so I can't say there is anything that left a deep impression in my memory over there.



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