Day 3 [29th Oct]: Taiwan

I started the day by heading to the breakfast place near C.K.S Memorial Hall MRT station that I visited the day before because I wanted to try my luck to see if the shop owners picked my spectacles. Amazingly, it was really there! The friendly auntie chatted with me a little and then I ordered a simple breakfast from her.

After breakfast, I took the MRT to Beitou and explored around the district, visiting the Beitou Hot Spring Museum and 地热谷 (Thermal Valley). Shortly after, I had a quick bite of 客家汤圆 (Hakka dumplings), which are small little dumplings in hot soup which is somewhat like fishball soup.

Next, I took the MRT to Tamsui and walked along the old street. I stumbled upon a small museum that is modelled after Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museums. The entrance fee was NT$79 and I spent some time taking many photos inside.

After the museum visit, I continued exploring the old street and had some bites along the way, as well as purchasing some snacks to bring back to Singapore.

At the end of the old street, I found my way to the jetty to take a ferry over to Bali. Over in Bali, I rented a bicycle for full day rental of NT$200 and additional NT$100 deposit. I had a leisurely ride along the coast and headed back to the jetty at around 4pm+. I quickly took the ferry back to Tamsui slightly before 5pm as the sun was setting soon and view from Tamsui would be prettier. During the jetty ride, I managed to snap some photos of the setting sun.

After reaching Tamsui, I took the ferry over to Fisherman's Wharf as it was quite a distance away for walking. Fisherman's Wharf was definitely beautiful at night with the Valentine's Bridge being lit up. I strolled around a little and also bought some souvenirs and snacks before taking bus R26 back to Tamsui Old Street.

Over in Tamsui Old Street, I bought more snacks to bring back to Singapore and also did some shopping for autumn/winter jackets in a nearby shopping mall. Then, I headed to Shilin Night Market yet again for some bites. I tried 阿亮面线 this time round and it tasted great. In fact, I find this oyster + pig intestines vermicelli more flavourful than 阿宗面线.

More photos here!

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