Day 4 [30th Oct]: Taiwan back to SG

Day 4 is a simple and short day as it was check-out day and my flight was at 3pm+. I had breakfast in the hostel and chatted with some newly found friends from Czech Republic and U.K before doing my final packing (squeezing) and heading to the Taipei Main Station to take the bus to the airport. I also managed to take several photos of the humble and budget-friendly hostel before I left. I will definitely stay here again if I visit Taipei in future.

Over in the airport, I managed to grab some bites in the form of fried chicken, sweet potato fries with plum powder and 鲁肉饭 (braised pork rice) before my flight back to Singapore. It has been a short but fufilling (to the stomach) trip after all.

More photos here!

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