Day 3 [21st Nov]: Wuzhen

We booked a guided tour package to Wuzhen from our hotel the night before and started our day really early. From Hangzhou, it was about 1.5 hours of bus ride to the tourist attractions in the water town Wuzhen (乌镇).

The tour guide brought us around the small water town and introduced the sights to us. We also got to visit a few small museums in the town. After the short 2 hour guided tour, we were brought to 逢源酒楼 to have our lunch.

After lunch, we had about 1 hour plus of free time to explore around before taking the bus back to Hangzhou.

As we had some spare time in the evening when we reached Hangzhou, we went for a spa session before heading to 奎元馆 for dinner. Next, we headed to the food street for some snacks before heading back to hotel for our rest. We also managed to catch Hunger Games 2 at the cinema just opposite our hotel before retiring for the day.

More photos here and here.

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