Day 4 [22nd Nov]: Hangzhou

We started day 4 later as we had a late night the day before. For breakfast, we settled for some 粽子, 馄饨 and 粉丝 at 五芳斋.

After breakfast, we walked along 步行街 and headed to West Lake again. From the shore, we took a tram to 雷峰塔. The scenery from up the tower is pretty but the slight fog made it a little diffucult to take photos.

After spending a few hours in 雷峰塔, we took the tram to 岳王庙. Before visiting the monument, we had lunch at a random restaurant nearby called 跨虹阁酒楼. We had West lake vinegared fish, longjin prawns, a tasteless soup and dongpo meat for our meal.

We spent a couple of hours in 岳王庙 trying to get some nice photo shots.

Next, we took a public bus to 灵隐寺 scenic area. We rushed through our visit a little as it was near the closing time for 灵隐寺. Unfortunately, we did not find any nice spot for sunset photos.

As night falls, we headed to 知味观 in the area for our dinner before taking the bus back to hotel.

More photos here.

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