Day 3 [17th Dec]: Guangzhou

According to the weather forecast, the rain will stop somewhere in the afternoon. So, I planned my day such that I will be least affected by the rain. I started by visiting 中山纪念堂. While it was quite a good photo spot from the outside, I wasn't that excited about the visit inside. It's more of a photo gallery with story-telling.

Next, I decided to go to 越秀山 but also trying to pass by 三元宫. When I reached 三元宫, I found it a little borring and decided not to pay for the ticket to enter it. I continued heading to 越秀山 and after a bit of walk from the entrance, I reached 镇海楼 aka 广州博物馆. There were very few visitors there probably because it's free entry only on the day after (18th Dec). After the museum visit, I went in search of the iconic 五羊石像 statue. I was wondering whether I was a little mad to be visiting a park despite of the rain and slightly cold weather. But I guess it's hard to make the day worthwhile if I had too many concerns.

From 越秀山, I went to have my lunch at 广州酒家, which is yet another famous restaurant that serves dim sum at lunch time.

After the good lunch, I went to 广东省博物馆. The entrance is free as long as you provide your identity card or passport. To my pleasant surprise, the museum is much bigger and more interesting that I expected, so I ended up spending more than 2 hours inside and even had to rush through the visit a little as it closes at 5pm.

Next, I took the metro over to Canton Tower and spent quite a bit of time there, taking some day shots as well as night shots. It was quite chilly up the summit and the bubble tram ride was quite interesting. Unfortunately, no one seems to be manning the sky drop ride so it felt like I had wasted money on the more expensive combo ticket.

From Canton Tower, I took a metro and was thinking of going to 炳胜 to have my dinner. To my surprise, I found a very long queue waiting outside the restaurant, so I decided to go to a Hakka restaurant next to it to have my dinner instead. Fortunately, the food in the Hakka restaurant tasted great but serving sizes were a bit too big for me.

For more photos, check them out here and here.

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