Day 13 [19-Oct]: Tivoli

Decided to go for a day trip to Tivoli as recommended by a hostel mate over in Naples. Passed by a supermarket while on my way to the metro station, so I decided to do a little stocking up of food and drinks for the day.

Next, I took the metro to Tiburtina and bought a train ticket to Tivoli. The ticket costs €2.60 and the duration of the train ride is about 35 minutes. I waited almost an hour to hop on to the scheduled train. As the train approaches Tivoli, the view was magnificent with mountains and clear blue sky.

After I alighted the train, I went in search of Villa d'Este. I tried to follow the signs but that was one part which got pretty misleading. As a result, I ended up in Villa Gregoriana. I paid €6 for the entry and I was there at about 1:25pm. The park closes at 2:30pm and the ticket officer advised that I may have to run a little. Basically, the park is all about nature and the beautiful sceneries. There were 2 waterfalls, caves, tunnels and ruins of a temple at one end.

After leaving Villa Gregoriana, I made my way by foot towards Villa d'Este. The ticket here costs €11 including visit of the palace. The palace here isn't exactly big but it sure is pretty with every inch of the walls & ceilings covered by paintings. Outside the palace, there is a beautiful garden with many fountains. There was also a fantastic view of the mountains and scenery around the area.

After the visits, I headed towards the train station and passed by a castle. Took some photos and proceeded to the train station to go back to Rome.

On the way back to hostel, I bought a wrap with kebabs for dinner before heading back to hostel to rest for the day.

For more photos from Tivoli, check out the gallery here.

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