Day 18 [24-Oct]: Venice

After 2 days, I felt like I have visited most of Venice. So, I decided to start my day later at around 10:25am. I made my way slowly towards St Mark's Square.

For lunch, I stopped by a Chinese restaurant near St Mark's Square. I ordered a beancurd with vegetable soup to start my meal. For my main dish, I had chicken with bamboo shoots and mushrooms. The whole meal including rice, a can of coca cola, and 12% tax, totalled to €17.14.

After lunch, I headed to Doge's Palace and bought the ticket for St Mark's museums for €16. The ticket also includes entrances to other museums in the square, i.e. Doge's Palace, Museo Correr, Museo Nazionale Archeologico and a library. Unfortunately, photo taking was not allowed so I could only take some spy shots in rooms where nobody is watching.


 After visiting Doge's Palace and Museo Correr (the acheological museum is together with Museo Correr), I headed back to hotel to get a short rest before heading out for dinner.

For dinner, I went to a restaurant nearby and was greeted by a senior man who was very friendly. For starters, I decided to go with mussels and clams with tomato soup. It certainly tasted very good, especially the mussels which do not have the unpleasant taste common in Asia that some people do not like.

For the main course, I had pasta with seafood. It came with a crab claw, mussels, clams and I'm not good with differentiating between lobster and crayfish. Anyway, it tasted really good as well.

For the good service and seafood feast, the final damage came to €44.30 including a can of coca cola. I guess this is the highest price I have ever paid for my own meal in my whole life. But I enjoyed the meal and do not need to feast on seafood again for the rest of my trip. I'm still toying with the idea of a fish dish for one of my next meals in Venice though.

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