Day 19 [25-Oct]: Venice

Woke up a little earlier today before 9am, but still a little clueless about itinerary for the day. Decided to visit the Jewish museum and have some boat rides for the rest of the day. The day started out a little colder than past few days with the RealFeel weather info on my phone showing 10°C and a maximum of 17°C for the day.

I navigated my way to the Jewish neighbourhood and tried to stay in the sun as much as possible as my hands were freezing cold. After finding my way to the Jewish neighbourhood, I found Museo Ebraico after a bit of effort. Paid €3 for the entry to the small Jewish museum and walked around for only a short while.

After the short visit, I made my way to a vaporetti stop (waterbus) and purchased a 12 hour ticket for €18. A single ticket would have cost €7. After some orientation, I found the right service number to board and made my way to Lido island. Along the way, I stood on the outside and took opportunities to take photos along the Grand Canael. However, it became too cold as the vaporetti was crossing a big body of water to get to Lido.

Over in Lido, I walked down a stretch of road lined with some shops and mostly cafes. It was already lunchtime and I couldn't decide where to stop by for my meal. As I walked to the end of the street, I saw the beach, which is the highlight of the island. I stayed in the sun on the beach for quite awhile and took some photos before I walked back down the stretch of road where I came from. Along the way, I decided to stop by in one of the cafes and ordered spaghetti with black cuttlefish ink for lunch.

After my lunch, I went to the vaporetti bay and took the ride back to the main islands. I dropped off at St Mark's Square and hanged around a bit. I checked out the €28 gondola ride and found out it is a shared ride, so I decided to go for it. I must say the initial excitement of boarding the gondola, sitting in it and taking photos of myself in it is fantastic and priceless. After a while, it is just like a typical boat ride along the Grand Canal and the narrower waterways. The whole ride took 35 mins.


 After the gondola ride, I decided to wait for sunset in St Mark's Square as I remembered there is a pretty nice view from there. The sun started setting at about 5:30pm+ and there was a nice sunset view closer to 6pm. The sun set quickly after that and I was able to catch some photos of the sunset views.

After the sunset, I took the vaporetti and was thinking of dropping at Rialto bridge to take some photos of the night view there. But when the vaporetti stops by Rialto stop, I noticed there was a huge crowd boarding the vaporetti. I decided not to alight as I do not want to be among a similar crowd when I get back. Hence, I continued my ride all the way back to the Ferrovia stop, where the train station is and where it is near to the hotel.

After alighting, I was wondering if any restaurants serve dinner at about 6:30pm. While heading in the direction of the hotel, I checked out one restaurant which has set menu. For first course, I ordered spaghetti al nero yet again. But this one definitely tasted better than the one I had for lunch. For second course, I had grilled salmon and "french fries" for side dish. The total damage including a bottle of water was only €15 and there was no service charge in this restaurant. I even noticed they had a tripadvisor recommendation sticker on their door. After the pleasant dinner, I headed back to hotel for the day's rest.


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