Day 21 [27-Oct]: Paris

Woke up at around 10am+ with sunlight coming in through the window. I guess I must be quite tired, having to sleep late and waking up twice in the night. Washed up quickly and prepared myself for the day.
I wore my gloves before stepping out of the hotel and it sure is freezing cold. The forecast shown on my phone is a range of 2 to 9 degrees for the day, with the temperature of 2 to 4 (can't remember exactly) for 10am hour. Fortunately, the metro station is very near and I began loving indoors.

I took the metro to Forum Des Halles and had a late breakfast of banana cake and a cup of coffee with milk (café au lait) at MacDonald's. After my simple breakfast, I went to the Virgin Mobile store to get topup for my prepaid SIM. Unfortunately, they do not have any more recharge cards and she asked me to go to TABAC shops to get it. I couldn't get what she meant at that time, so I made use of the free WiFi service in the mall to search for the nearest Virgin Mobile Megastore.

I beared the cold weather with some wind, and walked about 20 mins before I find the Megastore along Boulevard Montmatre. Apparently, this Megastore is also an electronic + book + CD store. I found the phone section and finally managed to purchase the €20 recharge card.

After the purchase, I walked around in the area to search for lunch. I eventually decided to walk into a little restaurant called Restaurant Duchesse. I was greeted by a very friendly senior lady who spoke some English. I went for the set menu and wanted to try something with foie gras for appetizer. Unfortunately, she told me there isn't any so she offered to replace foie gras with salmon. I'm still not sure what the dish is called but it sure tastes good with the smoked salmon. For the main course, I had duck confit yet again. It seems that duck confit tastes good in all the Parisian restaurants I've tried so far, and this is no exception. Throughout the course of the meal, the lady host was busy with all the tables and also checked on everyone constantly to make sure everything is good. It sure is a good lunching experience there after all.


After lunch, I had to go out in the cold weather again, so I decided to walk towards Gallerie Lafayette. Upon entering the mega departmental store, I was pretty amazed at the crowds and the queues for most of the famous brands. The store is huge, and the crowds are incredible. It felt as if more than half the tourists in Paris are inside this mega store.


After the window shopping in Lafayette, I took the metro to Bastille and walked along the main road. Along the way, I visited the Hôtel Sully and the square next to it. But I couldn't find Maison du Victor Hugo, and was half-hearted in my search due to the cold weather. I also visited Église Saint-Paul Saint-Louis and stayed inside awhile to warm myself up while appreciating the church interiors.


After feeling more warmed up, I continued walking down the roads awhile before heading back to hotel via metro for a rest. After some rest, I went to a nearby Thai restaurant called Le Thai Monge for dinner. I ordered tom yum chicken soup as well as prawn and chicken rolls for appetizer. I ordered Pad Thai for my main course but I got fried rice in the end. I guess she may have misheard somehow. The meal was pretty good and definitely helped to warm up my body somehow.

After dinner, I went back to hotel for a nice hot bath before resting for the day.

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