Hong Kong (Apr/May 2013)

Labour Day falls on a Wednesday, so I thought the entire week would be good for a holiday. I decided to use the entire week including the 2 weekends for a trip to Hong Kong. It surprises many people that I've never been to Hong Kong before and I'm also looking forward to the good food over there.

I landed in Hong Kong on a saturday afternoon and we had a simple late lunch at the airport before heading to our hostel via Airport Express. It's interesting to note that it's cheaper if you buy the Airport Express tickets in packs of 2 or 3. It costs HKD90 per ticket (one-way), HKD140 for 2 tickets and HKD190 for 3 tickets. For round-trip, it would cost HKD160 per person, so it's still better to go for the 2/3-ticket package which is not advertised anywhere and can only be bought over the counter. I also found out that you cannot buy the tickets in advance, i.e. it can only be used on the day of purchase.

It seems to me that the weather is very pleasant with temperatures of around 20 to 28°C. After reaching Kowloon station, we took the free shuttle bus to Tsim Sha Tsui area and found our way to Hop Inn. When we checked in, the simple room exceeded my expectations and it was more spacious that I expected.

After putting down our stuff in the rooms, we had a slow walk towards Avenue of Stars. Unfortunately, the air quality is pretty bad which affected the harbour view. Part of the IFC building even seems to have "vanished" in the fog. We walked around the area and also waited till 8pm for the Symphony of Lights show. It was somewhat interesting in the fact that so many buildings can have their lights co-ordinated so well and even seems like dancing with the music.

After the lights show, we went for dinner at Hing Fat and the food was just average. On our way back to the hostel, we tried the mango pomelo sago dessert in Hui Lau Shan and was quite underwhelmed. Somehow, the mango taste didn't come out strong.

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