Day 10 [4th June]: Tokyo

I woke up in the morning and birthday greetings were starting to come in via Whatsapp and also my Facebook timeline. For my first breakfast in Tokyo, I went with my plan to visit Tsukiji Fish Market and enjoy some fresh sushi. I bought the one-day Tokyo metro pass at ¥710 and took the subway to Tsukiji Station. I managed to find my way to the Outer Market with the help of a map just outside the subway station and Google Maps. Along the way, I visited Tsukiji Honganji, which has a design that is somewhat European influenced in my opinion.

I continue my way to the Outer Market and the lively atmosphere there was certainly very nice. I explored the outer market and eventually found my way to the wholesale market. This market is certainly more interesting to visit than Kuromon Market in Osaka and Nishiki Market in Kyoto. I was there at around 9am+, so I've already missed the auctions that ends at 6:15am. Nevertheless, it is still quite interesting to see what seafood the fishmongers have to offer.

After walking around in the wholesale market, I went in search of the famous sushi restaurants in the vicinity. In less than 5 minutes, I found a long queue and was wondering what it is. Alas! It's the famous long queue for Sushidai (寿司大). A friend of mine commented that he had to queue 2 hours to get in. I walked further and saw another long queue, albeit shorter. Apparently, that's the other famous restaurant called Daiwa Sushi (大和寿司). I decided not to waste so much time in the queues and went for Yamazaki, which is another sushi restaurant recommended in Tripadvisor. The restaurant was also full but I was the only person in the queue. After about 5 to 10 minutes of waiting, I got a seat and started looking through the menus. I settled for the 9 piece set which costs ¥3,150. Apparently, the sushi sets in most of these restaurants are around that price range. Although this restaurant is not as popular as the 2 famous restaurants with long queues, I felt that the sushi served here is of good quality and I certainly enjoyed my brunch. The chef was also very considerate to have asked me whether I wanted wasabi in my sushi. As I dislike wasabi very much, that gesture was certainly very kind.

After my delicious brunch, I went to several places for window shopping, e.g. Sony building in Ginza, Shinjuku and Akihabara. Overall, I'm quite unimpressed with the shopping options compared to Osaka. For dinner, I passed by Go Go curry and decided to have a go at Japanese curry rice. The meal costs ¥850 and I enjoyed the curry very much.

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