Day 11 [5th June]: Tokyo Disneyland

As planned, I visited Tokyo Disneyland on this day and I bought the 2 day pass so that I can visit Disneysea the next day. I left my hotel at about 8am+ to take the train to Disney Resorts. At the train station, I was appalled and amazed how the Japanese manage to squeeze into a train that looks full and impossible to board. When I managed to squeeze into the second train, there was hardly any space to move around. Basically, I was just squeezed lik sardine with my face almost on the back of someone's head and my hands immovable by my side. As I was carrying my bag with both my hands in front of me, you can imagine where my hands were against.

After taking a short walk and taking photos of the world bazaar area, I headed for the rides. Overall, I felt that the ride experience and atmosphere seems a bit dissappointing compared to Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studios Singapore and Disneyland Paris. The queue management here is also inferior to Universal Studios. Over at Universal Studios, they give the option to purchase express pass. But over in Disneyland here, they only allow reservation system but you can only reserve for one attraction at a time to come back at a later time and skipping the queue. With such a system, you can only use it probably twice or thrice in a day since the reservation will be maxed out at around noon time. And for those reserving during noon time, you probably come back for the attraction at evening time. As such, I ended up spending more time in queues compared to Universal Studios. There were rides where I had to queue for 1 hour or more here. Surprisingly, there was also not as many mascots and street performances here compared to the other theme parks I visited. The attractions here generally also feels very dated, e.g. Terminator and Back to The Future rides. Hence, I was quite dissappointed with the experience in this theme park. Apparently, it might be more interesting for the kids.

I had a simple lunch of hotdog bun and fries since I wanted to avoid long queues and wanted something not too expensive. In the afternoon, there was a street parade and performance but the place was already very crowded by the time I was there, so I didn't get a good spot for taking photos. Besides, visitors are encouraged to sit down and discouraged from blocking the view of those behind when taking photos.

After the parade, I continued to other attractions. One of the shows was even cancelled and replaced with meet the mascots session due to strong wind condition. In the evening, I had a more proper dinner before camping in the street to wait for the closing show, which is a lights parade.

Fortunately, the lights parade is a saving grace. It was certainly a beautiful sight to see the flaots parading the street with colourful lights.

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