Day 12 [6th June]: Tokyo Disneysea

With my shocking train experience yesterday, I decided to start my day earlier and reached the train station before 8am. There was still quite a crowd but definitely more breathable space compared to yesterday. From Maihama Station, I had to switch to the monorail on the Disney Resort Line to go to Disneysea. When I reached Disneysea at about 9am, I realised that it was before the opening time of 9:30am and there was a queue outside.

When it was time to enter the park, the mascots were already near the entrance greeting the visitors and posing for photos. This is certainly a nice greeting and atmosphere to start the day.

The center of the park is a lake, hence giving it the name Disneysea. I had packed some buns in my bag which I bought from the supermarket, so I didn't have to stop and waste too much time/money on breakfast. I went straight for the rides shortly after navigating my way in the park.


Apparently, the quality of the rides here seems to be better than Disneyland Tokyo. The attractions are generally newer and there are also more street performances and more chances to meet the mascots. It is definitely a much more enjoyable visit compared to Disneyland Tokyo.

After lunch, I went to the harbour area to wait for the parade show in the afternoon. It was pretty interesting to see the ships and fountains. The mascots also alighted at one point to greet the visitors and some dance on the shore.

One of the exciting rides over here is "Tower of Terror". "Journey to the Center of the Earth" was pretty nice as well. "Toy Story Mania!" was pretty entertaining as you get to play a shooting game during the ride.


After dinner, I waited for the lights parade and it was very interesting to see the ships in the lake with the beautiful lights and fountains. There were even fireworks display at the end of the show.

For more photos, do head on to my photo gallery here.

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